Kratom – a substance that, thanks to its many benefits and uses, is becoming vastly popular – has become increasingly available in recent years. Kratom is made from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, containing an array of alkaloids that produce mild stimulant and opioid effects when you consume them.

How Are Kratom Extracts Made?

The Science And Varieties Of Kratom ExtractsKratom extracts are simply concentrated forms of kratom. What makes them “concentrated”? They are made by boiling down kratom leaf powder. This results in a thick resin. The process removes the bulk of the plant matter. What’s left is the most potent alkaloids in a concentrated form.

The resin is then crushed into a powder. Alcohol or water is frequently used to separate the alkaloids from the leaf matter. The more a kratom extract is boiled down, the more concentrated it becomes.

Benefits of Using Kratom Extracts

Extracts pack a more powerful punch thanks to their higher alkaloid concentrations, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The heightened potency means you may only need a small dose to feel kratom’s stimulating or sedating effects. The purified formulation contains no tough plant matter and so helps to make extracts gentler on your stomach. With the extract’s increased potency, cleaner composition, and dosing convenience, they offer some clear advantages over plain old kratom leaves.

Types of Kratom Extracts

There are a few basic types of kratom extracts. The following are commonly found and sold today.

  • Kratom Powder Extracts

This term refers to kratom that has been processed into a very finely ground powder. The powders contain a concentrated dose of alkaloids that have been extracted from the leaves. They are bitter in taste and are typically ingested by the “toss and wash method” or mixed into beverages.

  • Enhanced Kratom Powders

Enhanced powders are kratom leaves that have been mixed with concentrated kratom extract to produce an extremely potent powder. A little goes a long way with enhanced kratom blends thanks to their super-concentrated alkaloid content.

  • Kratom Resins

Resins are processed into a gummy-like texture and molded into small cubes or balls. After the resin has fully dried, it ends up being hard – like rock candy. When using this resin remember: Just a tiny amount can be scraped or cut off to release the concentrated alkaloids we keep talking about.

  • Tinctures

Kratom tinctures are liquid extracts. They are most often made using alcohol. Why the alcohol? It’s used to extract the alkaloids from the raw leaves. Tinctures allow for far more precise measurement of doses. They are also sometimes used sublingually for rapid absorption. If you use CBD oil, essential oils, and the like, you’re likely already familiar with tinctures.

  • Kratom Crumbles

Kratom crumbles are a dry form of extract. In this form, they look a lot like small rocky pebbles. They can be easily swallowed (just like capsules), broken up to a finer consistency (powder), or used to make kratom tea.

Finding Quality Kratom Extracts

With the rising popularity of kratom, it’s important to find a trusted vendor. Kratom USA extracts provide a concentrated way to harness the botanical’s natural alkaloid content. With the variety of formulations available – from kratom powders to tinctures and resins – kratom extracts provide maximum versatility in potency and dosing convenience.

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