By Thomas Eynon (

   As a web developer, I come across a broad array of products that people need to advertise, sell, and otherwise promote. The problem is that the majority of the time, the person trying to sell the product doesn’t really believe in their product. They are in it to make money and that’s it. However, over the last month, I have been meeting with a very enthusiastic client. They were really excited to meet with me and determine how they can promote their product.

   When I first met with them, I had no idea what Kratom was. Sounds like a plant. Turns out it is a plant, but so much more. They went off to explain that Kratom is a tree originating from South East Asia called Mitragyna Speciosa; and it’s a distant relative of the coffee plant. So when I asked, what does Kratom do, they replied, “Whatever you need it to do.”. It’s like having your own personal assistant. If you need energy, you can take a certain specification and next thing you know, you have the energy to get through the day. Say you need to relax? Kratom can do that to. This was all nice, but then they went on to explain why the really love Kratom; and why they want to share it with the rest of the United States. Kratom can relieve opiate addiction without the painful side effects like death. In fact, they said that there is no known death caused by Kratom. That means it either convinces people to hide their own death really well, or it doesn’t kill you. I’m thinking the later.

   So once they explained that it can relieve addiction, they talked about how they gave some to their friends and family who were addicted to drugs. Then they talked about how it had turned their lives around. Kratom helped them get rid of their heroin, marijuana, and other drug addictions. They were able to go to work clean and work without feeling a need to go get high. When I heard this, it sounded like it could be another catch phrase they are just telling you. But, the passion in their eyes showed how much they cared about that. They knew that if they could get their product out, they could possibly save lives.

   During the development of the site, we went through a very large range of details for how their business would work. How they can reach customers, and how they will fulfill their sales. During this process they demonstrated how they make their products and how it compares to others. They showed me a bag ordered from another site. That’s right, a bag. The other site mailed a zip-lock bag to them with Kratom. How can you trust something in a zip lock bag? Then they showed me their product. How it was inspected, ensured it was pure and clean. Then we worked on the packaging. They developed a pill bottle with a sealed lid and custom sealed zip lock bags. This is what made me realize that they could have a very large business.

   Now, one week into the release of the KratomUSA website, it is becoming more and more true. They are currently receiving about two sales a day and each customer is already a returning customer. They are obviously doing something right if people are immediately reordering more product on receipt. If I were to use Kratom, I would definitely trust them and them alone.