What is Kratom?

Kratom is a popular tree grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea. The leaves of the tree are used as medicine and also as a recreational drug. According to doctors, Kratom attached themselves to the nerve cell parts as opioid painkillers and created an effect in the brain. Low doses are mostly recommended to make you feel energetic.

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Legal Status

Kratom is an uncontrolled substance in the United States of America with the exception of the following states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama. Arkansas, Verrmont, Rhode Island , Washington D.C,  Sarasota County Florida and the city of San Diego. Some European and South East Asian countries and Australia have put restrictions on the sale, posession and/or use of kratom.


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Kratom Misconceptions

Although the recent concern about synthetic drugs is legitimate, organic and natural products have also fallen under scrutiny. Among the natural products that have misconceptions about it is Kratom. The plant is used for medical purposes and has misleading information that has caused undue concerns about the supposed impact on health. What is Kratom Before it is possible to recognize the differences between Kratom and unsafe substances, it is important to identity what it is and what it is not. Many misconceptions relate to assumptions about Kratom that are not true and ultimately are proven false. Kratom, which is also known as mitragyna speciosa, is an herb that grows naturally in Asia.

The herb has a long history in Eastern medicine for the pain-relieving properties that are found in the leaves. The herb naturally helps relieve pain, increases energy levels and does not have the harsh side effects of prescription medications. Synthetic Drug Misconception Although Kratom is a naturally occurring plant that has medicinal properties, it is often misrepresented in the media due to the outlets that sell the plant. Kratom has been sold in stores that also sold bath salts, spice and other synthetic drugs.

As a result, it was assumed that the product was actually a synthetic drug and was not a natural product. The idea that Kratom is a synthetic drug is a common misconception based on the venues that originally sold the plant. In reality, Kratom is a naturally occurring plant that is part of ancient medicine. When used with the direction and advice of a doctor, it is a potentially useful tool to overcome opiate addiction and reduce feelings of pain. Abuse Misconception Despite the potential benefits of Kratom, a common misconception is that it is an abused substance. Since it is sold by vendors who also sold synthetic drugs like bath salts and spice, it is assumed that Kratom is actually a substance that is commonly abused. In reality, Kratom does not cause a high or feeling of lethargy that is expected of certain drugs. The herb does not have reports to the poison control center or any reports of major health concerns after using it. In most cases, Kratom is used for the energy boost it provides, reducing pain or managing depression. Misconception About the Addictive Qualities Due to the alkaloids found in the plant and the suggestion that it has an effect that is similar to opiates, a common misconception that has arisen relates to addictive qualities. The misconception is that Kratom is highly addictive and causes severe health risks.

The truth of the matter is that Kratom is about as dangerous as coffee. Although some individuals can form a habit of drinking a tea made from Kratom or similar usage, it is not traditionally addictive in the way of illegal drugs and substances. Kratom does not have reported cases of behaviors related to real addictions. Taking Kratom does not lead to compulsively using it, increasing the amount or engaging in criminal behavior to continue taking it. A tea made from Kratom or similar usage can cause an energy boost and can help with depression, which can also lead to forming a habit of using it. Safety Concerns Among the misunderstandings related to Kratom is the concern about general safety.

Since many assume it is an unsafe material and a drug, it is also assumed that it has severe side effects and is unsafe for humans. The side effects of using Kratom are very minor and are much milder than prescription pain relievers or over-the-counter medications. In most cases, mild nausea or constipation is the most common negative side effect. The benefits far outweigh the possible side effects and most individuals do not face any negative health results. Kratom is a safe herb that does not have reports of toxicity or major health problems. Since it is a medicinal plant, it can have many health benefits because it naturally relieves pain and helps reduce feelings of depression or anxiety.

Recommendations for Fighting Addiction The misconceptions about Kratom are often related to the synthetic drug market. Despite that fact, Dr. Oz has recommended the herb for addiction treatment because it can help reduce certain symptoms of withdrawals and can reduce cravings during treatment. Opiate addiction is one of the hardest types of addiction to treat because the withdrawal symptoms are very severe. In some cases, withdrawals from opiates can lead to heart attacks, strokes, seizures and even death. Treating the symptoms depends on the severity of the withdrawals, but including Kratom can help. The reason that Kratom is useful is the naturally occurring elements found in the plant. Some of the medicinal properties have an impact on the opioid receptors that can help reduce the withdrawal symptoms during initial detoxification and treatment.

Although it impacts the opioid receptors, it does not cause a high or the lethargic effect that occurs while taking an opioid drug. When used in treating an opiate addiction, Kratom can help reduce the withdrawal symptoms that relate to the cravings and opioid receptors in the brain. It also helps alleviate some of the pain associated with opioid withdrawals and makes the detoxification process bearable when it is medically supervised. Although Kratom helps with the detoxification process, opiate withdrawal symptoms are potentially severe, so it is still important to have the process medically supervised. The severity of symptoms will vary between individuals and based on the level of addiction to opiate drugs.

Due to the ability to help reduce certain side effects of opiate withdrawals, Dr. Oz and other medical professionals have suggested Kratom as part of an effective addiction treatment when trying to overcome opioid drugs. It can help get through the first steps by alleviating some of the symptoms so that it is possible to work on the underlying causes of opiate addiction. Kratom is often misrepresented in the media as a synthetic drug or a dangerous substance. Due to the concerns about substance abuse, it is important to identify dangerous materials, but Kratom is not one of those substances. The truth about Kratom is that it is a medicinal plant that is safe for human usage.

Kratom Websites are not all Equal

How to Find the Best Online Kratom Vendor,

With hundreds of online vendors selling Kratom wholesale and Kratom bulk products, how do you know you are dealing with a reputable, trustworthy vendor? To ensure you are buying the best Kratom available from an online vendor, always start by reading their website carefully regarding the source of the Kratom they sell.

Cultivating Kratom requires the type of warm, humid environment found only in Southeast Asia–Thailand, Borneo, Bali, Indonesia, etc. Tropical climates are essential for stimulating alkaloid production in Kratom plants. Alkaloids and other phytochemicals are what give Kratom its therapeutic benefits. In addition, professional Kratom vendors have established long-term relationships with SE Asian Kratom farmers who are experts at growing pure Kratom.

Does the Kratom Vendor Sell Pure Kratom?

Like all other industries, the Kratom industry has its fair share of unethical vendors. Some of these vendors supplement their Kratom wholesale products with additives to produce different physical or mental effects. Some anecdotal reports from users consuming impure Kratom indicate these ingredients could present unwanted or even harmful side effects. So, beware of vendors touting Kratom with additives to “enhance” your experience. Only pure Kratom can guarantee the kind of safe, therapeutic benefits you want to enjoy from Kratom.

Has the Kratom Vendor Performed Lab Testing on Their Products?

Unless you know for certain that the vendor is an established Kratom seller who receives pure Kratom from overseas Kratom farmers, check their website for a verified certificate of analysis. Vendors often send Kratom bulk samples to third party laboratories for testing. These labs can tell the vendor whether it is contaminated with other ingredients. The name of the lab (or labs) should be visible on the certificate of analysis.

Does the Kratom Website Provide Educational Articles About Kratom?

With more peer-reviewed research studies being published about potential therapeutic benefits of Kratom, creditable Kratom sellers will publish authoritative information about their products. For example, a case study published in the November, 2020, edition of Frontiers in Psychiatry suggests there may be potential for Kratom to help people recover from COVID-19 symptoms. If you find plenty of interesting, authoritative articles on a Kratom vendor’s website, it means that the vendor is committed to ensuring customers understand more about Kratom than just profiting from selling it.

What is the Difference Among Kratom Strains? Do Trustworthy Kratom Bulk Sellers Offer a Variety of Strains?

All Kratom is the same “strain” of Kratom until it has undergone unique fermenting, curing and drying processes. Overseas Kratom farmers use different methods of processing Kratom to provide vendors with a variety of strains offering different effects.

One of the most popular strains of Kratom is green vein Kratom. This Kratom strain is made by drying leaves in a cool, dark room and then taking them outside. After one or two hours of exposure to sunlight, the leaves’ veins change from red (the vein’s original color) to green. This strain is said to increase focus, mood and energy, according to Kratom users.

The best Kratom wholesale vendors will offer a wide variety of Kratom strains with detailed descriptions informing the buyer why and how it should be consumed.

You Recieve a Timely Response from the Kratom Vender to Your Questions

Reputable Kratom vendors provide phone numbers, chat bots or email contact forms so that buyers can communicate their questions or concerns. If there is no contact information on a Kratom wholesale website, avoid doing business with this website. It’s possible you could be doing business with a rogue vendor who sets up a temporary website and vanishes once they make some money pretending to sell Kratom.

Why Not Just Order Kratom Directly from Overseas Sellers?

Although Kratom is legal in nearly all states, getting a shipment from Borneo, for example, past customs agents can sometimes be difficult. When you buy from an overseas Kratom seller, you are taking the chance that the Kratom bulk package you already paid for will be seized by agents at its port of entry. If this ever happens to you, be aware that neither you or the supplier has any recourse to take regarding search and seizures of Kratom.

Established Kratom sellers in the U.S. rely on professional agents to ensure their supply of Kratom remains reliable and uninterrupted. Customs agents specializing in receiving Kratom shipments from Asian countries are experienced and knowledgeable about making sure shipments pass inspection and are supported by the correct documentation.

Bottom Line–Not All Online Kratom Vendors are Equal

Take the time to research an online Kratom website before entering your payment information. Besides looking for contact information, certificates of analysis and vendor credentials, check the website for authoritative and informative articles about Kratom. If there is a section for customer reviews, take a minute to read what the vendor’s customers have to say about service, responsiveness and the quality of Kratom purchased. Contact the vendor via phone or email to see if you receive a timely response before placing an order. Finally, when you’re ready to purchase Kratom wholesale or Kratom bulk orders, consider using eCheck as a method of payment. It’s easy, fast and avoids accruing interest on credit cards.

Comprehensive List of Kratom Alkaloids

Nearly all kratom  alkaloids resemble yohimbe oxindoles and indoles in the way they affect the central nervous system. However, kratom alkaloids do not present the addictive properties exerted by yohime alkaloids because they do not target opioid receptors in the brain. Instead, kratom and its naturally produced alkaloids offer a healthy alternative prescription medications that are addictive or cause unpleasant, sometimes harmful side effects.

Comprehensive List of Kratom Alkaloids


Also known a Raubasine, ajmalicine is an anti-hypertensive, smooth muscle relaxant and sedative incorporated in brand name drugs prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Similar to corynanthine, ajmalicine is an adrenergic receptor agonist that works to reduce blood pressure by dilating constricted blood vessels and inhibiting blood clot formation.Corynantheidine: μ -opioid antagonist, also found in Yohimbe. < 1% of total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.


One percent of the alkaloid content found in kratom is corynoxeine, a calcium channel blocker that may help with treating vascular diseases or preventing narrowing of arteries following angioplasty.


A powerful antioxidant (anti-inflammatory and antiviral) that may improve heart health and attenuate diabetic symptoms, epicatechin seems to inhibit platelet aggregation responsible for blood clots.  Additionally, epicatechnin regulates nitric oxide levels in the blood to promote dilation of blood vessels.


Exhibiting partial opioid agonist properties in the brain, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine mimics the effects of endorphins to produce opiate-like sensations. Methadone is an example of a partial opioid agonist that helps heroin addicts overcome their addiction. In fact, kratom is currently being researched as a possible alternative medication for reducing cravings and preventing relapse.

Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine

These two alkaloids are primarily responsible for kratom’s numerous health benefits. In animal and human research studies, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine have been found to have potent antitussive, analgesic, adrenergic and anti-diarrheal properties comparable to the efficacy of codeine, morphine and prescription anti-diarrheal medications. Two percent of kratom’s alkaloid content is comprised of 7-hydroxymitragynine and over 60 percent is contain mitragynine.

Isomitraphylline and Isopteropodine

Pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids such isomitraphylline and isopteropodine appear to exhibit anticarcinogenic and immunostimulant properties in laboratory studies. Maintaining optimal immune system functioning is critical to fighting infections and preventing recurring illnesses.

Isospeciofoline and Mitraciliatine

As kratom oxindole alkaloids, isospeciofoline and mitraciliatine are immune-boosting alkaloids enhancing the ability of white blood cells to attack and eliminate a variety of infectious pathogens invading the body.

Mitragynine Oxindole B

Derived from mitragynine, mitragynine oxindole B is a semi-synthetic opioid acting on delta and mu opioid receptors in the brain. Just as potent, if not more effective than morphine for relieving pain, mitragynine oxindole B exerts antihypertensive, diuretic, immunostimulating and vasodilating effects. This kratom alkaloid may also offer anti-leukemic and memory-enhancing properties.

Mitraversine Paynantheine

An indole alkaloid representing about nine percent of kratom’s alkaloid content, mitraversine paynantheine is a smooth muscle relaxer. Since smooth muscles are found in blood vessels, the GI tract, the bladder, lymphatic vessels and respiratory tract, mitraversine paynantheine may help treat hypertension, cramps, coughing and general unwellness.


A versatile kratom alkaloid, rhynchophylline is not only a calcium channel blocker and vasodilator but has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitical and anti-pyretic properties.


A lesser opioid agonist alkaloid found only in kratom, speciociliatine comprises about one percent of kratom’s alkaloid content.

Speciofoline Speciogynine

Another alkaloid exhibiting smooth muscle relaxing qualities, Speciofoline speciogynine may help reduce symptoms of allergies, colds and respiratory illnesses. Prescription medications called smooth muscle relaxers include bronchodilators, antihistamines and decongestants.

Stipulatine Tetrahydroalstonine

An alkaloid with anti-adrenergic and hypoglycemic properties, stipulatine tetrahydroalstonine may help treat circulatory disorders by providing vasodilating effects and improving peripheral blood flow throughout veins and capillaries.


Also referred to as uncarine C, D, a type of oxindole alkaloid, speciophylline may improve memory impairment by reducing the level of dysfunction in the brain’s cholinergic systems.


Providing nearly eight percent of kratom’s smooth muscle relaxing properties, speciogynine is the main reason by kratom makes users feel relaxed and calm yet motivated and focused. In addition, speciogynine contributes to kratom’s ability to relieve chronic pain pain, enhance mood and reinforce immune system functioning.


Although the mitraphylline concentration found in kratom is just under one percent, this alkaloid still exerts effective vasodilating, anti-hypertensive and muscle relaxing properties. Mitraphylline may also improve memory and cognition. Since mitraphylline is structurally similar to 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, it also has effects on delta and mu opiate receptors in the brain and may also exhibit NMDA antagonistic activity. Consequently, mitraphylline could help opioid addicts avoid relapse and remain sober by offering an alternative to methadone, which does present a risk of addiction. Additionally, researchers are currently investigating mitraphylline’s potential anticarcinogenic properties by experimenting with in vivo sarcoma and breast cancer cells.

More Information about Kratom Alkaloids

Concentration of kratom alkaloids depends heavily on several factors, including the age at which the plant was harvested, type of kratom it is (Bali, Green Vein, Red Vein, White Vein, etc) and environmental conditions affecting the plant’s growth and nourishment.  Mitragynine appears to be most abundant in Thai kratom varieties while Malaysian kratom has lower concentrations of mitragynine. Kratom resins may contain relatively large amounts of mitragynine and minimal amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine. Because the quality of kratom differs so greatly, always purchase kratom from a reputable online kratom dealer who works directly with professional kratom farmers Asia.

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