Purity and Quality are Our Top Priorities

We take every precaution to make sure that our production and shipping techniques don’t allow any impurity or contamination into our product.

Guaranteed Safe and Pure

It begins with sourcing the highest quality raw kratom from the best local growers. Our exclusive contracts ensure us the best prices and sole access to the most potent and aromatic first flush raw kratom that is harvested before the rainy season. This high grade kratom is then hermetically sealed to avoid contamination during shipping to the United States.

When it arrives, we have every single lot of raw kratom tested at an independent laboratory facility. A thorough run of tests identifies the strain and composition of each batch of raw kratom as well as testing it to make sure there are no yeast, mold or bacterial infections. If any batch is found to be infected, we sequester and destroy it to make sure that no contaminants get into our products.

The raw kratom is then processed in our sterile facilities using state of the art clean technology, further sterilized with ultraviolet light, and packaged in hermetically sealed tamper proof bottles or vacuum sealed bags for storage and shipment. Each of these steps has been carefully formulated to guarantee that our kratom is pure and safe.

Few kratom suppliers match Kratom USA’s rigorous quality control processes. Some suppliers, especially smaller online sellers, even purchase processed kratom products straight off the streets in Indonesia or other South East Asian nations, then ship the products to America and sell them directly, without any further testing or quality control. Naturally, those who buy kratom from these sellers face serious health risks. Be sure to ask other sellers about the sourcing, processing and purity testing techniques they use before you buy kratom from them. Avoid any seller that can’t give a convincing answer.

Industry Leading Quality

After starting with the finest possible raw kratom, we use hermetically sealed shipping containers and all natural processing techniques to maintain the full potency and aroma of our top of the line kratom. By putting it into convenient, natural powder and capsule forms, we allow you to enjoy the fantastic soothing and stimulating properties of this remarkable plant without compromising any quality.

The unmatched safety and quality of Kratom USA’s natural kratom products makes us the leaders in kratom industry. That’s why you can always purchase and use our products with total confidence and peace of mind.