Kratom USA’s Premium Kratom Sourcing

Kratom USA is proud to offer high-grade kratom sourced from exclusive farms in Indonesia and processed under some of the most scientifically advanced sterile kratom processing facilities in the industry.

It begins with our representatives on the ground in Indonesia. Our experts are highly trained to recognize and acquire only the best kratom available. They scour the countryside looking for the richest and most unique strains of kratom available from local growers. In their search for the best kratom trees, they look for two qualities: the oldest and the most fruitful. Older trees provide a more mature kratom product with richer nuances of aroma and effect. The healthiest and most fruitful trees are those that create the most robust, high-quality fruits.

These excellent kratom plants also contain the highest levels of alkaloids, the active organic compound in kratom. Older healthy kratom trees create a product with exceptional levels of alkaloids that let us create the best product for customers who want to buy kratom unlike that available from any other brand. The unusually high level of quality alkaloids in our kratom makes our product the industry leader, providing a superior effect to that available from other sources or suppliers who are less discriminating about their sources.

Our representatives search until they find exactly the right trees on the local farms with the best reputations and the most mature, alkaloid-rich kratom trees. They then form exclusive contracts with these suppliers on behalf of Kratom USA. Our contracts provide us exclusive access to the best raw kratom for the best prices, allowing us to give you a superior kratom product at a surprisingly low price. In addition to guaranteeing us exclusive access to some of the best kratom available, our contracts make sure that our suppliers can give us the top quality first flush kratom.

Grown before the rainy season, this kratom is widely acknowledged to have the best quality and the highest potency. Kratom USA is one of the only brands that provide exclusive first flush kratom harvested at the peak of the season. Many suppliers buy cheaply processed kratom instead of going directly to the source, local farmers who can provide high grade naturally grown kratom from the most mature and fruitful trees. Those who have their product processed in Indonesia or other South East Asian nations often have a product that has been created in potentially unsafe conditions.

Even other suppliers that source their raw kratom directly from the farms in order to process it on their own still often purchase inferior products grown during the rainy season, resulting in a weaker product that can have acerbic or bitter edges to the aroma. Kratom USA never uses kratom harvested during the rainy season, ensuring a smoother, richer product at the peak of its potency and aroma. Our exclusive top quality sourcing is one of the best ways we can guarantee you one of the best kratom products on the market.