What About Kratom Sites Accepting Cards?

When it comes to buying and using Kratom legally, what’s the best way to do it? Debit cards? Money orders? Is there such a thing as Kratom credit cards, or credit cards that allow you to buy Kratom online?

While you can use debit cards and sometimes money orders (depending on the vendor), certain lines of VISA or Mastercard credit cards won’t let you buy Kratom online. Before you purchase Kratom from one of the hundreds of online Kratom websites, here are a few tips for ensuring your transaction is quick, secure and will deliver the best Kratom available to your location:

Research the Kratom vendor. How long have they been selling Kratom? What do customer reviews say about the vendor?
Does the Kratom vendor state their products are high-quality, lab-tested and marketed to follow state regulations?
Is there a money-back guarantee? Does the vendor stand solidly behind their Kratom products?
Should you use a credit card for buying Kratom online? Although it is a fast, safe method for purchasing anything online, Kratom vendors lose money when they accept credit cards. In fact, the cost to vendors who accept credit cards typically exceeds 22 percent. This means if someone buys $100 worth of Kratom from a vendor, that vendor will lose up to $20 from that transaction. Consequently, vendors must raise prices on their Kratom products to make any sort of profit if they accept credit cards. And that’s not good for Kratom users!

Now that Kratom is legal in nearly all states, vendors are finding other methods for consumers to use when buying Kratom online. One payment method that’s becoming more popular with vendors and Kratom users is called Echeck.

What You Should Know about eChecks

eCheck is short for “electronic check”, an online payment system that’s been used by e-commerce owners since the late 1990s. Features and benefits of using an electronic check include:

eChecks are similar to paper checks except they can be used to process payments online
eChecks require the buyer to input the routing number and bank account number to issue funds to the seller. This is the same routing and bank account number found on checks issued to you by your bank
eChecks are also referred to as ACH payments, direct debit or ACH transfers
When Kratom buyers make an eCheck transaction with an online Kratom vendor, the vendor relies on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to process the transaction. The ACH is a nationwide system that permits banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to electronically exchange information about what to credit and/or debit and to whom these credits or debits should be delivered.

What is the Difference Between an ACH Payment and an eCheck Payment?

Governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association and the Federal Reserve, the Automated Clearing House system is what is used to process electronic fund transfers (EFT). When you pay for Kratom with an eCheck, you engage the ACH to initiate your EFT. In other words, an eCheck is simply a way to pay for something online. It is not the process needed to complete the transaction.

Data Encryption and eChecks

Paying for Kratom with an eCheck means your bank account information is encrypted to prevent cybercriminals from stealing it. Data encryption involves securing data sent over the Internet by turning it into an undecipherable code. When this data reaches the end user (in this case, an online Kratom seller), an encryption cry “decrypts” or deciphers the data to allow the transaction to complete. Additionally, there is no manual handling of an eCheck, which significantly reduces the chance of a check being stolen or lost in the mail.

It’s Easy to Buy Kratom Online Using eChecks

It’s fast, simple and completely secure when you purchase top quality Kratom from Kratom USA and KratomWholesale. Just fill out the form, use the correct bank and routing numbers and your Kratom will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Remember, buying from Kratom sites that accept eChecks vs buying Kratom from Kratom sites accepting cards means you are not being charged more for Kratom products to offset card fees. You are only paying for Kratom products and nothing else!

Also, don’t forget that using a credit card to buy Kratom (or anything else, for that matter), can tack on unwanted interest if you can’t pay your credit card balance off every month.

Kratom USA and KratomWholesale continue to be one of the most popular and trustworthy online sellers of Kratom. That’s why we strongly encourage our customers to use eChecks when purchasing one of the many top quality Kratom products available on both websites.