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Just got my order and tried it about an hour ago, wow! Great product, very effective, will absolutely order again! Also, thanks guys for getting my order out the same day. Really appreciate it and will place another order very soon. Thanks again for great kratom! Mathew Coles

This is not my first time trying kratom. When I got my Kratom USA order, it came in a sealed bag with labeling so I actually knew what I was getting and that no one else had opened my bag before it go to me! I’m sticking with this company. Great products. good service.


Most professional kratom distributor I have ever dealt with, by far! I am new to kratom, so I called a lot of places before I ordered from Kratom USA. Most of the time I either couldn’t get anybody on the phone at the other kratom sites or there wasn’t even a phone number on the site to call. I called Kratom USA and actually got a live person! She answered all of my questions and was more than happy to take my order over the phone. It’s just nice to actually deal with a company who has live support and seems to really care about their customers. Thanks again Kratom USA and I especially thank the kind lady who helped me place my first order. It definitely won’t be my last.

Billy N.

I am so glad I found your company. You have a loyal customer here!


I am VERY happy with what I ordered…Curtis

Finally! I’ve found an online kratom source that actually looks legitimate. I heard about kratom and all its benefits a few months ago. I wasn’t really sure where to get it, so I did a ton of searching on the web. I’m one of those people who has to look at everything before I make a purchase! I finally settled on Kratom USA because it looked like a quality place. I could set my clock by their shipping. It seems like I get my shipping confirmation immediately after I order every time. These people really have it together – incredibly fast service, professional. I’ll never order from anywhere else.


I’m a major kratom enthusiast. I think the stuff is the best plant known to man. I’ve pretty much tried every kratom site there is and some local stores that carry it in my city. This is the best place I’ve found so far. Most of the other kratom sites sell it to you in plastic ziplock baggies or brown paper pouches. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but it just seems a little dirty to me. I at least like for my kratom to have some kind of a seal on it, so I know I’m the first person to have opened it. That’s why I love Kratom USA. They are by far the most professional folks I’ve come across, and I’ve tried them all. -Riggs-

I just received my package this morning (saturday). I just want to say how appreciative I am for your quality customer service. This day and age, it is not very easy to find a company that values the customer. You go above and beyond the call of duty every time I place an order. Thanks again. You will have me as a customer for years to come.


I just wanted to let you guys know that i ordered some kratom from a different site. it was slightly cheaper so i thought id try it. kratomusa is the first place i had ever ordered kratom from and now I’m pretty sure it will be the only place from now on.

T Maxwell

It is always a pleasure to speak with you all there. I am glad I found this site as the need was great.

A Allen

I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service & products. At a friends request i was going to try another kratom company. As I looked into them
And tried ordering something it was a NIGHTMARE!! Needless to say I will never “stray” again and stick to a company I know! Thanks kratom usa
to a company I TRUST. Thank you again

K Bartel

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M Sheckel

I’d like to thank everyone at kratomusa for you outstanding customer service! Thank you so much for always being a trustworthy and honest company. Making you my only choice for my kratom online purchases throughout the years.